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Ph.: (370 5) 2 428 881
Fax.: (370 5) 2 428 881
Laisvės pr. 60
LT-05120 Vilnius
Algimantas Semaška






Algimantas was established in 1993 and has published more than 200 books. Our main publishing interests are books about the Republic of Lithuania, in Lithuanian and other languages.



Akademinė leidyba                               

Ph.: (370) 686 71212
Saulėtekio al. 9 (I rūmai), 
LT-10222 Vilnius



Akademinė leidyba (Academic Publishing) is the publishing house of Vilnius University, specialising in academic books, traditional and digital publishing, and market research in publishing. It publishes monographs, textbooks, scholarly journals, books popularising science, and other publications.



Alma littera
Ph.: (370 5) 2 638 877
Fax.: (370 5) 2 728 026
Ulonų st. 2,
LT-08245 Vilnius
Danguolė Viliūnienė






Founded in 1990, Alma Littera is one of Lithuania’s main publishing houses, specialising in fiction, non-fiction, reference books, textbooks, and other publications for all age groups. Alma Littera publishes works by both local and foreign authors, books for children and youth, science fiction, non-fiction, research publications, reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks for schools, and other educational material.



Ph.: (370 6) 8 734 546
Fax.: (370 5) 2 784 913
Kalvarijų st. 294b-5,
LT-08318 Vilnius
Giedrė Kadžiulytė






Founded in 2003, Apostrofa is a small independent publishing house, which publishes fiction and non-fiction by Lithuanian and foreign authors (translations from English, German, Icelandic, Polish, Estonian, Swedish, French, Czech). Apostrofa’s list of published titles includes books of the highest quality, which have been awarded prestigious prizes in Lithuania for their content and design.




(Artists' Uninion Publishing House)
Ph. (370 5) 2 624 959
Fax.: (370 5) 2 624 959
Vokiečių st. 4-2,
LT-01130 Vilnius
Saulė Mažeikaitė





Artseria was founded in 2003 as the publishing arm of the Artists’ Union. It publishes a magazine on art, art books, the series “Contemporary Lithuanian Artists” and “Lithuanian Art at the Turn of the 20th and 21st centuries”, monographs, catalogues, and publications of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union. Our books consistently win awards and diplomas in Lithuania’s annual competition for the best-designed book of the year.



Aukso žuvys
Ph.: (370 5) 254 6961
Fax.: (370 5) 254 6962
Rudausių sodų 1st str. 12,
LT-10106 Vilnius
Sigita Pūkienė




Aukso žuvys is a small company publishing fiction and non-fiction for adults, and illustrated books for children and teenagers. Our main area of interest is history, which is presented in a lively and original way.



Baltos lankos
Ph.: (370 5) 2 408 673
Fax.: (370 5) 2 407 446
Jakšto st. 7,
LT-01105 Vilnius
Saulius Žukas







Baltos lankos was established in 1992, with the intention of publishing quality literature. The range of our publications is very wide: new books by Lithuanian authors, translations of quality foreign literature, popular works of fiction, crime fiction, monographs, books for children, and academic writing.



BMK Leidykla
Ph.: (370 5) 254 6961
Fax.: (370 5) 254 6962
J. Jasinskio st. 16, Vilnius
Andrius Viskontas





Book printing on demand.



Debesų ganyklos
Ph.: (370 6) 796 8595
Jaunimo a. 2,
LT-50117 Kaunas
Danguolė Kandrotienė



Debesų ganyklos is a publishing house with a fresh and innovative approach to children’s literature. We try to publish books for children that are easy to read, understand and enjoy. This is why we often involve our readers in the most creative parts of the publishing process.



Ph.: (370 5) 213 7701
Architektų st. 184-3, Vilnius
Remigijus Martinavičius



The publishing house Didakta focuses on educational publishing, which includes a range of various subjects. We offer a variety of educational and informational posters, reproductions and methodological publications for teachers and portrait galleries. These measures should interest teachers, and enable them to enrich the educational process.



Dominicus Lituanus
Ph.: (370) 687 620 40
Nugalėtojų st. 3d-2,
LT-10105 Vilnius,
Ramunė Landsbergienė




The main goal of Dominicus Lituanus is to publish high-quality fairy tales and fiction for children and teenagers. The books published by Dominicus Lituanus promote an inquiring spirit and humane values, they address the psychological and spiritual problems of teenagers, parents and children, and promote civil and ecological education. These ideas are presented playfully and creatively, and didacticism is avoided.




Ph.: (370 5) 2 733 955
Fax.: (370 5) 2 754 754
Žalgirio st. 88,
LT-09303 Vilnius
Saulius Petrulis




Eugrimas is a publishing company from Lithuania with a focus on non-fiction: business, creative thinking, psychology, self-help, etc. Over our 20 years in the publishing business, we have successfully acquired copyright from the world’s largest publishers, and participated in numerous international projects. 




Ph.: (370 37) 224 489
Fax.: (370 37) 224 489
V. Putvinskio 34
LT-44211 Kaunas
Sikstas Ridzevičius






Original magazines and early learning, comics, story and activity, colouring and stickers books for children. Illustration and packaging, rights 



Homo liber

Ph.: (370 5) 2 791 038
Fax.: (370 5) 2 791 033
J. Baltrušaičio 11-126,
LT-06145 Vilnius
Vilius Gužauskis







Our main activity is publishing fiction by Lithuanian and foreign authors, academic books on the humanities, and illustrated children books. Much attention is paid to the historical theme in the literary heritage. Original and novel publishing projects are among our main priorities. 




Ph.: (370 5) 2 790 859
Fax.: (370 5) 2 790 984
Tilto st. 17-Radvilų st. 4,
LT-01101 Vilnius
Remigijus Jokubauskas






Justitia is a publishing house specialising in legal literature. We publish textbooks, monographs, educational tools, commentaries on codes, and legal periodicals intended for current and future lawyers. Our authors are the most famous Lithuanian legal scholars and practitioners, who create Lithuanian legal doctrine, and open the way to the cognition of the world of legal science and practice. Our readers include judges, lawyers, government officials, corporate lawyers and students of law. 




Katalikų pasaulio leidiniai

Ph.: (370 5) 2 122 422
Fax.: (370 5) 2 626 462
Pylimo st. 27/14,
LT-01141 Vilnius
Birutė Bartasūnaitė






The publishing house Katalikų pasaulio leidiniai is one of the main publishers of religious, philosophical, psychological, catechetical and other literature in Lithuania. We also bring out textbooks for religious education in schools, and the annual publications “Catholic Directory” and “Liturgical Calendar”.



 Kitos knygos

Ph./Fax.: (370 5) 251 4200
A. Vivulskio st. 10a-10,
LT-03221 Vilnius
Gediminas Baranauskas





An independent Lithuanian publisher publishing quality, award-winning books of contemporary and classic literature, poetry, culture, fiction and non-fiction, philosophy and psychology. We see our mission as the publishing of eye-opening, controversial books that provoke intellectual and public discussion.





Ph..:+370 612 25481
K. Kalinausko st. 10-3,
LT-03107 Vilnius
Ūla Ambrasaitė






Lapas is a small independent publishing house based in Lithuania. It focuses mainly on architecture and artists’ books. We are interested in publishing books as design objects, as well as making the publication of a book an important public event, with associated exhibitions and talks, etc. Once a year, Lapas prepares and publishes a special lifestyle book with distinctive content.



 Lengvas būdas

Ph.: ( 370 5) 2 712 088
Didlaukio st. 51A-18,
LT-08303 Vilnius
Viktoras Žostautas





The joint stock company Lengvas būdas focuses on publishing simple and effective material which helps to deal with various addictions, phobias, and other psychological problems. 




Lietuvos edukologijos universiteto leidykla

(Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences Publishing House)

Ph.: (370 5) 2 333 593
Fax.: (370 5) 2 333 842
T. Ševčenkos st. 31,
LT-03111 Vilnius
Jonas Balčiūnas





The Publishing House of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences has been operating since 1992. During this period, it has published a large number of original scholarly publications, teaching materials, periodicals and promotional material.  


Lietuvos gyventojų genocido ir rezistencijos tyrimo centras
(Genocide and Resistance
Research Centre of Lithuania)

Ph.: (370 5) 2 791 038
Fax.: (370 5) 2 791 033
Didžioji st. 17/1,
LT-01128 Vilnius
Head of publishing department
Birutė Anaitienė






This is the only organisation in the country permanently engaged in publishing fiction and scholarly and journalistic work on the subject of the resistance and the genocide carried out by occupying regimes: they include the journal “Genocide and Resistance”, a list of the names of victims of the genocide, monographs, studies, collections of documents, and memoirs.




Lietuvių kalbos institutas
(Lithuanian Language Institute)
Ph.: (370 5) 2 346 058
Fax.: (370 5) 2 638 055
P. Vileišio st. 5,
LT-10308 Vilnius
Head of Publishing Departament
Audronė Bielevičienė





The purpose of the Lithuanian Language Institute’s publishing house is to make the results of research by the Institute’s researchers available to the public. This means mostly working on research publications and editions to promote research, such as monographs, dictionaries, scholarly journals, practical guides for language users, and educational publications.



Lietuvių literatūros ir
tautosakos institutas

(Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore)
Ph.: (370 5) 2 125 332
Fax.: (370 5) 2 616 254
Antakalnio st. 6,
LT-10308 Vilnius
Head of Publishing Department
Gytis Vaškelis






It's a state-run research institute, implementing long-term investigations into Lithuanian literature, folklore and the literary heritage of old Lithuania. The Institute publishes books, periodicals and research publications. It also publishes e-books and creates databases. Its publishing specialisations are the following: encyclopedias, academic papers, serial publications, monographs, written sources on the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, folklore and modern literature, research publications, and research. These publications are aimed at the academic world and the general public.



Lietuvos Nacionalinė Martyno
Mažvydo biblioteka

(Martynas Mažvydas National
Library of Lithuania)

Ph.: (370 5) 2 497 023
Fax.: (370 5) 2 639 111
Gedimino pr. 51
LT-01504 Vilnius
Manager of publishing department
Jūratė Bičkauskienė






Lithuania’s main library prepares and publishes national and retrospective bibliography, informational and methodological publications, collections of research articles, professional periodicals, and other publications.


Lietuvos nacionalinis muziejus
(National Museum of Lithuania)
Ph.: (370 5) 2 627 774
Fax.: (370 5) 2 611 023
Arsenalo st. 1,
LT-01100 Vilnius
Birutė Kulnytė




The National Museum of Lithuania has the country’s most important museum collection about Lithuania’s historical heritage. Its publishing activity is closely related to the research and promotion of its collection. The most important part is the publication of scholarly and informational material related to the collection, exhibition catalogues and illustrated books, and research material in the series “The Library of the National Museum of Lithuania”, “The History of Lithuanian Photography” and “From the Archives of the National Museum of Lithuania”.



Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos leidykla
(Lithuanian Writers' Union Publishers)
Ph.: (370 5) 2 628 945
Fax.: (370 5) 2 628 945
K. Sirvydo st. 6,
LT-01101 Vilnius
Giedrė Šorienė





The Lithuanian Writers’ Union Publishers focus on new books by Lithuanian authors, including prose, poetry, essays and critical studies, books from the literary canon and books by exiled authors, as well as translations of quality foreign literature. The output of our publishing house is characterised by strict selection, and high-quality printing and design.



Modernaus meno centras

(Modern Art Centre)
Ph.: (370) 655 66008 
Literatų st. 8,
LT-01125 Vilnius
Milda Ivanauskienė







The Modern Art Centre (MAC) has published 24 books aimed at educating children, young people and adults. In the future, MAC plans to publish museum collection catalogues, catalogues of exhibitions, and art books.


Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidybos centras (Science and Encyclopedia
Publishing Centre)

Ph.: (370 5) 245 85 26
Fax.: (370 5) 2 458 537
L. Asanavičiūtės st. 23,
LT-04315 Vilnius
Rimantas Kareckas





The Science and Encyclopedia Publishing Centre publishes general and specialist encyclopedias, monographs on social, natural and technical sciences, technical and linguistic dictionaries, scholarly works by foreign authors, popular science books, and the magazine Gimtoji kalba.



Ph.: (370 5) 2 623 182
Fax.: (370 5) 2 333 894
L. Asanavičiūtės g. 13 A,
LT-04300 Vilnius
Violeta Bilaišytė






The publishing house Presvika was established in 1996. Since then, it has brought out a large number of books, both by Lithuanian authors and translations. We focus on educational, psychological and cognitive children’s literature, although we publish attractive books of children’s fiction as well.





Scientia Socialis
Ph.: (370 687) 95668
K. Donelaičio st. 29
LT-78115 Šiauliai
Vincentas Lamanauskas



Scientia Socialis is an independent enterprise dedicated to scientific research, consulting, and publication in the area of social sciences. Our company is working in the field of scholarly journal and book publication; it publishes a number of peer-reviewed journals and scientific books. Our experience enables customers to use the most efficient and professional services.



Ph.: (370 37) 40 91 26
Fax.: (370 37) 34 20 32
Vytauto pr. 29,
LT-44352 Kaunas
Daiva Bartninkienė




Šviesa is the most experienced national publisher of educational literature, and a provider of interactive learning content. It offers quality educational material, based on innovative methodology, as well providing interactive learning solutions for teachers and students. The publishing house has won various national and international awards for its innovative solutions in the field of education.



Terra Publica
Ph.: (370 37) 32 88 20
Fax.: (370 37) 32 88 21
Jaunimo a. 2, 
LT-50117 Kaunas
Danguolė Kandrotienė



“Terra Publica” motto – books for and about Lithuania! This company publishes books written and illustrated by Lithuanian authors, interesting for both Lithuanians and tourists from abroad. Due to great attention to tourism in Lithuania it is already named as the most national publishing house.

Lithuanian Publishers Association

Vokiečių g. 18A, LT 01130, Vilnius
Ph.: +370 675 75692
E-mail: info@lla.lt

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