About Us

The Lithuanian Publishers Association was founded in 1993. Its functions include the representation of the public opinion of its members on the national level and the introduction of their production on the international level. At the moment the Association unites more than 45 active Publishing Houses as well as non-governmental organizations (NGO) mostly concentrating on specialised publishing.

The LPA believes that publishing is a very important sector as it directly influences and introduces the national culture, politics, education, art, leisure, tourism, etc.

The Association is a non-governmental organisation not seeking to make any profit. The main aims of LPA encompass:

  • Protect and represent the interests of its members in the national and international area;
  • Stimulate the development of highly cultivated publishing culture;
  • Increase the competence level of the publishers;
  • Collaborate with the national and EU institutions in preparing standard acts related to the publishing sector;
  • Stimulate the reading of valuable literature;
  • Initiate scientific researches;
  • Organise and promote cultural events;
  • Coordinate, organise and support the participation of Lithuanian publishers in the international book fairs.

Since 1999 the LPA has been a full and equal member of the International Publishers Association (IPA) and the Federation of European Publishers (FEP) since 2003.

Lithuanian Publishers Association

Vokiečių g. 18A, LT 01130, Vilnius
Ph.: +370 675 75692
E-mail: info@lla.lt

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